Mike Steinhauer

About this project

The street grid of a neighborhood is generally the product of urban planning and that of its geography and history. In the case of Vanier, an Ottawa neighborhood the size of one square mile, the grid was influenced by the neighborhood’s location along the Rideau River, a former railway track and two cemeteries.


Prior to amalgamation in 2001, Vanier was surrounded primarily by the City of Ottawa, with a small border on its northern edge with the Village of Rockcliffe Park. Vanier’s boundaries had remained constant for nearly 100 years resulting in an interesting street fabric that boasts a particularly large number of dead ends—streets with one single point of entry.


This photographic study, taken between January of 2012 and April of 2014, documents the end of 28 roads referencing the neighborhood’s collision with its history, geography and past council descisions.


Click here for the visual documentation of this project.

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